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18-09-17 | SagePay Test Card Details

A copy of these test card details and more information can be found at SagePay. Test Card Details In addition to the credit card details you will need to use a specific address and postcode at the checkout process. Address: 88 Postcode: 412 Card Card Number 3D Secure CV2 VISA 4929 0000 0000 6 Y […]

19-08-17 | cPanel Backup Software for Win / MAC

If your website has a cPanel licence you might want to consider backing up your website(s) including databases to a local device rather than storing your automated back-ups on the same server. It is more than likely that your hosting company will create back-ups of your back-ups but for that extra piece of mind we […]

30-10-15 | Domain Suspension Scams

Please be aware of bogus emails from legitimate domain registrars quoting that your domain name has been suspended due to a violation of your terms and conditions. We received the following email, some of our details have been redacted for security reasons. Phishing Attack (1) Malware Attack (2) The email body contains a link to […]

14-02-15 | Which is the best eCommerce solution ?

With hundreds of e-commerce solutions now available many developers face a crossroads in which platform to use and its not a easy task. A couple of important factors that have to be taken into consideration are. Is the software easy to use for the client as they will be adding the products. How easy is […]

07-01-15 | WordPress Security Tips

If you are reading this Wordpress security article you may have already fallen victim to a hacked or spammed website if you haven’t been a victim yet , you have either been very lucky or don’t realise your site has already been hacked. In this article we are only going to cover a couple of basic changes you can […]

02-01-15 | Upgrading Prestashop Advisories

Prestashop was first launched in 2007 with over 165,000 online shops currently using the software it has become a popular choice for selling products online. Prestashop have released over 90 developer versions and a couple of major releases to its software which is currently (v1.6.0.9) as of July 31st 2014 which is great news for new shop owners but for those […]

07-08-14 | Does a HTTPS website improve my rank ?

Yes , Google have officially made the announcement on the 6th of August 2014 , according to the research Google found that websites that offered a secure connection to its visitors were recognised for having ‘ high quality content ‘ as opposed to those websites that didn’t. What are the Advantages of having HTTPS Website ? All data requests between […]

05-06-14 | Choosing a Career in Web Design ?

If you are reading this article you might be interested in starting a career in Web Design or maybe you have designed a few websites already and would like to turn your skills into a business or become an employee of a established web design agency. Self Employed / Freelance Web Designer So you want […]

05-03-14 | How to Disable CGI Access in WHM

After checking our server logs we have noticed that multiple attempts have been made to exploit our hosting accounts using Cross-site Scripting (XSS) type of attack using the CGI-BIN. The attacker attempts to modify the server settings by running multiple commands directly at the CGI-BIN. To prevent this type of attack check out the OWASP […]

04-02-14 | SEO Advisories & Warnings

Please remember to ensure that your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns are being correctly managed and implemented otherwise you could be wasting your money and potentially damaging your online reputation. If you are currently paying a SEO consultant to increase your rank or if you are considering hiring someone to market your website please look […]

16-12-13 | The Responsive Web Design Toolkit

Responsive web design is already a popular subject for website developers , while we are working on our 2013/2014 responsive projects we would like to share some of the tools that we are currently using in our responsive developments. 1. Amazium 960 1200px Responsive Framework We just love working with this Framework , Amazium is […]

23-08-13 | Bootstrap & H5BP Development Toolkits

If you have decided to choose the BWD Group to “custom” design your website we will ensure that your website is built on a solid coding foundations which are industry recognised and compliant with today’s web standards. As from next month will be introducing Bootstrap template system for some of our smaller custom developments , […]

21-08-13 | SEO UK Business Directory Links

Submitting your business to a directory is essential for those companies that operate in the service sector , such as car mechanics , hairdressers and local plumbers. Directories such as BT , Yell and Thompson rank very high in search engines. If you are going to submit your business to a directory then please remember […]

09-07-13 | How much does it cost for a web design ?

The answer to this question can only be calculated once your requirements have been evaluated and your site content has been reviewed , if you have received a price or quote instantly without discussing your needs it may be best to talk to someone else or risk wasting your money. A professional web designer will […]

10-06-13 | Free SEO Report and Website Review

If you already have a website that needs more traffic why not request a free SEO tool from us. Your website will be analysed and scored on the following: Visitor Data ( Estimations , Rank , Distintive Audience and Visitor Localisation ) Social Monitoring with Facebook , Twitter and Google + Profiles Mobile Load Time , Rendering […]

08-03-13 | SEO Precautions & Warnings

If you operate a website you may be familiar with the phrase Search Engine Optimisation by either receiving emails or phone calls promising you a better search engine position. Please remember the following : Never purchase links or participate in a link building scheme : Published a few weeks ago on the Google Webmaster Central blog […]

02-02-13 | Make the Web Faster

If you operate a website that is content heavy you might be loosing visitors due to the fact it takes to long to load. We suggest you analyze your website using Google’s PageSpeed tools and implement the suggested changes. If you are using Google Chrome you can install the PageSpeed toolbar extension here. Additional Resources Yahoo Best Practices […]

01-02-13 | Understanding Mobile Optimisation

With the sharp increase of mobile and tablet users on the rise its now a good idea to start thinking about mobile optimisation and how it can benefit your online customer experience. Before we look at the requirements , what is defined as a mobile optimised website ? A mobile optimised site is not a […]

16-01-13 | BWD Group WordPress Plugin Essentials

Here at the BWD Group we love working with WordPress and the many plugins that are available for use to make websites run and function that little bit smoother.  If you operate a wordpress site we recommend the following plugins. 1. Wysija Newsletter Plugin Composing newsletters just got a lot easier with this amazing wordpress […]

19-11-12 | Disavow Webmaster Tools

Last month Google released a major new tool for website owners to fight back against spam and un-natural links that are associated with their domains. Since October thousands of Search Engine Professionals had major headaches fighting a endless war against these so called ‘spam links’ causing un-necessary traffic and damage to their search engine rank. […]

23-10-12 | BT Websites Review

You have listening to the adverts and maybe purchased a BT Website package but is it worth the money compared to a custom development. BT currently offer 3 types of packages from Managed , Bespoke and eCommerce pricing from £15 per month + set-up *source BT websites October 2012. Things we noticed on some of […]

01-09-12 | Getting Started – The Design Process

When it comes to building a website , what are you really paying for ? lets take a look at the requirements of a basic build process : Consultation Not all projects require consultation but it is highly recommended to ensure the client and designer can agree on the framework , functionality and the financial costs. In most circumstances […]