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If you are reading this article you might be interested in starting a career in Web Design or maybe you have designed a few websites already and would like to turn your skills into a business or become an employee of a established web design agency.

Self Employed / Freelance Web Designer

So you want to be your own boss and run things how you wish , becoming a freelance web designer is more than just knowing how to install WordPress and how to modify a CSS stylesheet.

A wide selection of skills and knowledge is essential such as:

  • Having the confidence to meet and consult with businesses face to face and in some situations provide training on how to use content management systems etc.
  • Understanding the legal obligations such as (Copyright and Data Protection Laws ) which you may be liable for if your clients customer data is stolen or if you are using images that have been copied from another website. For example Getty images the leading stock provider will demand costs from your client if a image has been used without permission and its not cheap.
  • Understand that you will always be required to learn new coding languages and frameworks to keep up to date with industry standards.
  • Keeping your accounts up to date might seem like a ‘ basic task ‘ but once your client list grows to over a 100+ you will find this is a weekly task and time you have to count for and expect to chase those regular late paying clients.
  • Expect to work long hours , if your providing hosting and e-commerce services you will be expected to resolve any issues within a couple hours as it will be impacting your clients sales also.
  • Understand that each client is different and will have different standards and views than others so expect to receive different responses when awaiting feedback on work. Always have a project proposal / contract and never begin work without receiving a deposit.
  • To win those bigger contracts you will need to know how to custom build from scratch without the use of templates or WYSIWYG editors. A lot of companies are willing to hire professional developers at a higher contracted rate knowing they are getting a custom built web development rather than a cheap modified template.

Working for a web design agency ?

A web design agency usually consists of a minimum of 3 employees in which they will have a Designer , Developer and SEO expert at hand to each provide their specialist skills and knowledge into a single project.

Working for a agency would require you to have a strong knowledge in the area that you specialise in also the salary would be a fixed monthly income as if you were self employed you can earn as much as you like.

If you want to start at the bottom of the ladder working for an agency , we would suggest that you offer your services for ‘ low / apprentice wages ‘ and learn from the professionals and make a career decision after 12 months.

If you would like to talk to us about your career in web design / development please give us a call on 01204 235928.