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If your website has a cPanel licence you might want to consider backing up your website(s) including databases to a local device rather than storing your automated back-ups on the same server. It is more than likely that your hosting company will create back-ups of your back-ups but for that extra piece of mind we would consider the following software:

BackUp Smart for cPanel

Backup Smart is a Windows or MAC based application which can be scheduled to run custom back-up tasks at specific times during the day or night.

Software Features

  • Available for Windows or MAC.
  • Supports HTTPS connections.
  • Ability to create multiple archives per domain.
  • Schedule Tasks to run on specific days of the week.
  • Schedule Time to execute back-up.
  • Start automatically on system logon.
  • Select All Files back-up or just Databases.
  • Import / Export Lists.
  • Email Notification on All tasks or just failed tasks.
  • Run individual tasks or all tasks sequentially.

Software Screenshots

Task Settings


Schedule Settings

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