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Last month Google released a major new tool for website owners to fight back against spam and un-natural links that are associated with their domains. Since October thousands of Search Engine Professionals had major headaches fighting a endless war against these so called ‘spam links’ causing un-necessary traffic and damage to their search engine rank.

Why would someone create a spam link to your website ?

Most companies pay for SEO to achieve a strong position in Google and that position is based on a Google algorithm which ‘ link building ‘ plays a major factor. The problem with link building is most links are not associated or related to the product , service or article in question causing a false back link which is not required or useful to the site visitor.

Blackhat SEO isn’t new to Google and it has always been a major problem for all search engines including Bing and Yahoo for a long time.  If you have purchased SEO or are paying a SEO company to market your business they might be buying links that could be damaging your business rather than helping your cause.

How do I check who links to my website ?

There are many free online tools for checking who links to your website , but we would recommend using Google directly. If you don’t have a Google Webmaster Account please register and go to Traffic > Links To Your Site.

I want to use this tool on my website how do I set this up ?

This disavow tool should only be used if your website has a ‘ BAD ‘ case of inbound spam links from a website that is ‘classified as spam’ e.g Adult or Drug affiliated website.

If a error is made on the submission of these spam links who may loose your rank in Google or completely remove yourself from the Google search engine so take extra caution.

1. Create a empty text file in notepad and use # to comment the reason for the disavow.

#Website didn't respond to message to remove link from website.

2. Goto the Disavow tool and upload the text file and wait for the links to be blocked. Please remember to check the messages in your webmaster tools for any errors.

For Full Guidelines on how to create the text file please click here