Articles › Does a HTTPS website improve my rank ?

Yes , Google have officially made the announcement on the 6th of August 2014 , according to the research Google found that websites that offered a secure connection to its visitors were recognised for having ‘ high quality content ‘ as opposed to those websites that didn’t.

What are the Advantages of having HTTPS Website ?

  • All data requests between your website and your visitors are encrypted which cannot be captured or monitored by a 3rd Party , this also prevents phishing attacks.
  • If you are selling products online it is a PCI requirement to have a SSL certificate.
  • Improves (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation
  • The requirement of a dedicated IP Address may improve your ranking also.

What are the Disadvantages of having a HTTPS Website ?

  • The Cost of a Domain SSL Certificate will cost between £50-250 per year. A dedicated IP Address will also be required.
  • Performance on page loading speed may be effected.

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