Articles › How much does it cost for a web design ?

The answer to this question can only be calculated once your requirements have been evaluated and your site content has been reviewed , if you have received a price or quote instantly without discussing your needs it may be best to talk to someone else or risk wasting your money. A professional web designer will need to know what’s involved and what is required before agreeing any costs.

Is my website custom designed or is it a template ?

We have seen some companies sell a $50 web template and charged the client over £1000.00 for less than a days work and they paid it because the site looked professional , we won’t lie and say templates are no good as they are great for companies with low budgets and in most cases they are designed to high standards as template developers can earn serious money reselling templates. For example a $50 template sold to over 500 people is $25,000 which is why templates are more popular than ever.

Sometimes templates help designers get a understanding of your design requirements and can actually use the framework of that template to construct your new web development , this doesn’t mean stealing code but just using the design as inspiration and guidance.

What else effects the price ?

You may of heard of the expression that ” if you pay peanuts , you will get monkeys ” and its true , these days anyone can be a web developer and you can even design your own website on-line but what are you actually paying for.

Just quickly we will run through some of the things that can effect a development price.

  • – The experience and knowledge of the developer / designer.
  • – The volume of text content provided.
  • – The type of content provided , text , audio , video and graphics.
  • – The functionality of the website , do you need to update yourself.
  • – The implementation of search engine optimisation.

So what is the average web design price ?

As we don’t know your requirements we can’t answer that question but if you take the average salary in the UK which is £31,000 minus tax and national insurance and your left with £103.73 a day (approx) , deduct expenses , hosting and software costs and your almost there to what the average web developer gets paid per day.

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