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Please remember to ensure that your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns are being correctly managed and implemented otherwise you could be wasting your money and potentially damaging your online reputation.

If you are currently paying a SEO consultant to increase your rank or if you are considering hiring someone to market your website please look out for these type of practices.

1. Link Building

Link building should be organic and increased with reputation and quality , purchasing back-links , link-wheels and other link schemes will only result in your website being ‘flagged’ for participating in  link building activities.

2. Blog Comments / Link Spinning

Blogging is a great tool and can work in your favour when publishing the right content in the right volume targeted at the correct audience. As expected if you have written a great blog you are about the receive lots of comments but not all of these comments are real , in fact ‘ link spinning ‘ within blogging comments are now considered bad practices by the Google Webmaster Team.

If you do operate a blog , please remember to review your comments and never allow people to link to other blogs without your permission.

3.  Duplicated Content & Keywords

Keyword Stuffing , Duplicated Keywords and Long Page text is a basic SEO method which is no longer considered a valuable SEO practice.

Each page of your website should be written by yourself , never copy and paste from another website and never purchase text from someone you don’t know.