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If you operate a website you may be familiar with the phrase Search Engine Optimisation by either receiving emails or phone calls promising you a better search engine position. Please remember the following :

Never purchase links or participate in a link building scheme :

Published a few weeks ago on the Google Webmaster Central blog was a reminder that Google does not tolerate or allow link building of any kind to boost your page rank. If you have purchased links in the past your site may drop out of Google completely , also a Malware or Phishing warning will be displayed to your site visitors if they are using Google Chrome.

Nobody can guarantee or predict a search engine position rank :

If you have been told that your site can be on the front page then there is a good chance its a lie. Some companies can estimate a position based on competition and keyword analysis but again it would be a prediction.

If you operate a business that has local customers you may benefit from a Google Adwords campaign rather than paying for a SEO Package which may not work or deliver the results you were expecting.

Remember to write and publish your own web articles and news :

Article writing is another common service provided by SEO companies. Too much text content published and excessive keywords can be easily identified as a false article and may work against you.