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Responsive web design is already a popular subject for website developers , while we are working on our 2013/2014 responsive projects we would like to share some of the tools that we are currently using in our responsive developments.

1. Amazium 960 1200px Responsive Framework

We just love working with this Framework , Amazium is based on the industry standard 960 Grid System but has been modified to increase to 1200px for those developers looking to achieve that widescreen development look.

Not only does this framework support up to 1200px , it is fully responsive and includes lots of CSS syntax and media queries to help you code that perfect desktop , tablet and mobile website without spending hours custom writing CSS code.

2. Cycle2 Slideshow (jQuery)

Cycle2 is a versatile slideshow plugin which dominates all other slideshow scripts , the latest release includes lots of new features , please see the demo pages for examples. Our favourite aspect of Cycle2 is the auto initialisation feature which allows classnames to initiate functions directly into any container without having to declare JS variables.

To make this script even better it is also fully responsive and has a API with more functions and options than ever before.

3. Flexisel Responsive Carousel Jquery Plugin

Flexisel is now the amusement park boss when it comes to displaying content within a Carousel format , this impressive script from 9bitstudios handles the responsive viewport with ease with lots of options to provide a full responsive carousel element to your website.

4. Google Chrome Canary (Responsive Dev Tools)

Designing websites has its challenges but testing them for browser compatibility and now device compatibility can be a long process but to make this pain go away Google have released Google Canary.


* In 2014 we will be previewing some of our responsive development work , not all websites need to be responsive but if you are having your website re-built we would strongly advise that you have your website designed on solid foundations.

Please give us a call on 01204 235928 if you would like to discuss your requirements with us.