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When it comes to building a website , what are you really paying for ? lets take a look at the requirements of a basic build process :


Not all projects require consultation but it is highly recommended to ensure the client and designer can agree on the framework , functionality and the financial costs. In most circumstances this can be done via email or telephone.

Static or Dynamic

Static websites are no longer a suitable choice for any business unless you have no requirement to achieve a strong search engine position. A static website can only be modified by a developer who may charge. If your only requirement is to update news then we would recommend a static design with a integrated WordPress blog.

A dynamic website allows the client to modify any part of the website at anytime without the requirement of web development software. These systems are called CMS (content management systems) .

Framework & Structure

Some developers will have to make a decision on the structure and layout of your new website based on the amount of content you have. For example a website that is mostly text will require a consistent and clean fixed layout that is easy to read and can be easily updated. Sites with minimal text such as a restaurant advertising a menu and gallery could adapt a more graphical interface and user interaction.

Layout & Design

The longest part and most complicated is the design and build process of your new website , this process can take weeks , months and even years. A professional developer will have a wireframe or draft layouts of your website to work from. At each major stage a preview or sample should be made available for you to approve.

It is very important for the developer to ensure the client is happy at each stage of the process.

Review & Testing

If your website has been developed in a live environment and has very little application then the testing may only take a couple of hours. More complicated designs such as e-commerce shops may take days or weeks to test and configure to ensure if will operate in a real-time environment.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

SEO should be implemented into your design throughout the build process but before your site goes live a sitemap , analytics, meta tags and Google verification tags all need to be set-up.

Any social networking groups also need to be set-up before your site is launched.

Go Live

It may take a couple of days or weeks for your site to appear in Google and rank itself organically.

Its recommend that you have a SEO campaign and use of SEO tools to help your site to increase traffic. The internet is full of resources so its important to use them. Avoid paying for SEO as these techniques may be blackhat which may result in your site being blacklisted and removed from Google.

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