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Here at the BWD Group we love working with WordPress and the many plugins that are available for use to make websites run and function that little bit smoother.  If you operate a wordpress site we recommend the following plugins.

1. Wysija Newsletter Plugin

Composing newsletters just got a lot easier with this amazing wordpress plugin , Wysija which is rated 5 stars and has over 223,000 plugin users is an essential tool for communicating with your customers or site members.

Wysija is a drag and drop plugin tool which allows you to compose professional newsletters in minutes , we also like the spam score test built in script which advises you on ways to prevent your newsletter ending up in the spam folder.

For more features and video tutorials please checkout

2. Image Banner Widget

If you are new to WordPress and need to add visual content to your sidebars without modifying code then we recommend the Image Banner Widget.

We recommend that you upload your website images to the media section of your wordpress dashboard and link directly rather than using 3rd party image hosts.

3. Google XML Sitemaps

A XML Sitemap is a great way for Google and other search engines to understand the structure of your website and the importance of the content.

Arne Brachhold’s Google XML Sitemap Generator will automatically generate your XML sitemap and keep it updated whenever your site content is modified. If you decide to use a XML Sitemap don’t forget to update your GWT sitemap preferences.

4. WP No Category Base

If you have configured your wordpress site and can’t remove the /category/ folder from the URL simply install the WP No Category Base Plugin by iDope.

5. WordPress Database Backup

Don’t take the risk and loose all of your WordPress content by installing this amazing plugin. Remember if you are using wordpress all of your content is stored within a online database which can be corrupted , deleted or hacked at any time.

The WordPress Database Back Up plugin doesn’t require a cron job to execute and can easily be configured by a wordpress beginner. Once installed goto Tools > Back Up and set up a weekly or monthly schedule which will email you a compressed back up file which can be used to restore your wordpress site if damaged or corrupted.

If you require help or advice with your WordPress website please give us a call on 01204 235928.