Our FAQ will help you get a better understanding on how we work and the web design process and whats involved. If you cannot see a answer for your question then do please get in touch and we will aim to reply within 24 hours.

1. How much will it cost.

For every new project we will provide an estimated development cost , we feel that fixed pricing is a difficult and false model to work too as each project will be different to the next. If your requirements are standard and do not require any additional custom functionality we will be able to provide a same day quotation.

All projects are subjected to a non-refundable deposit of £250.00 , once you have accepted the initial design and layout we will request this deposit via BACS or Cheque.

2 What will it look like.

When it comes to visualising your new website we can either design to your requirements if you already have company branding or we can can create a new design based on similar websites that you like.

With the powers of photoshop we will provide a visual sample of how your new website will look and feel , if necessary we can adjust and modify this design to match your requirements before we begin converting into a web format.

3. How long will it take.

A typical development can range between a couple of weeks of receiving your content and deposit , if your requirements are more custom we would expect to take longer than the average development. Once we have started your development you may track the progress through a temporary web address if requested.

We may require to contact you on a frequent basis for additional information or content , to prevent a project delay we would require a response back within 24 hours if possible.

4. Can I modify the site.

If requested your site can be designed so it can be edited online without the need for additional software , if you don’t require this amount of editability and just need the option to update a specific section on your website such as a news or blog area then please let us know.

If you want peace of mind and have limited time to update your web site we can offer this service for you at a negotiable cost per update. If the changes are minor we occasionally will do this for free.

5. Will I get a new email.

If you’re hosting your website with us we can offer a variety of email services depending on your requirements. If you work from a fixed location and use a email client such as Outlook or Apple Mail we can set up a POP3 mailbox which will allow you to send and receive email through your website address.

If you don’t need a new mailbox but still want a email address we can forward your website emails straight to a hotmail , gmail or personal email account of your choice.

6. How do I supply the website content.

The quality of the content for your website has to be supplied at a professional standard , examples of poor content are things like bad grammar and spelling , poor quality photos and insufficient volume of text.

We will accept content in various formats , we would highly recommend Google Docs or if you have a lot of content Dropbox is a free application which also can be used.

7. When will my site be in Search Engines.

As standard your website URL will be submitted and verified within Google webmaster tools , this process will allow Google to crawl your website and cache your content and make it available for search.

We would advise frequent updates to your website when possible , if your business is traffic dependent please consider speaking to us to begin a SEO campaign. This includes link building , social network promotions and article writing.

8. What if I wish to cancel.

If for some reason you wish to cancel the development process once you have agreed the design and layout we may charge a % of the total project cost based on the volume of work we have already completed. Unfortunately deposits and any payments that have been made prior will be non-refundable.

Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information

9. Which Nameservers do I need to use ?

If your hosting your website and emails with us please use the following entries.


If you need assistance setting up your DNS settings please get in touch.

Last modified: November 20, 2017