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Having a mobile optimised website might sound expensive but actually it is relatively low cost and simple to set-up.

Why do I need a mobile optimised website ?

If you already have a website there is a good chance that some of your customers have visited using a mobile or tablet device which is great but did they manage to navigate around with ease and access the information that they had searched for.

A mobile optimised website is designed for speed , accessibility and usability which are the key factors when advertising products and services on a mobile device , not all of your website has to be optimised we suggest just having your key contact information available such as telephone , email , operating hours and services etc.

How do I turn my current site into a mobile optimised one ?

The quickest way is to get in touch with us and let us know your requirements , it is important to remember that the layout , design and some functionality will be lost when developing your optimised website due to compatibility issues but we will do our best to ensure it look and feels right for your business.

The alternative option is to construct your own mobile optimised website using the on-line jQuery mobile application builder which is a drop and drag development tool which is easy to use and requires no coding or design knowledge.

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