WooCommerce Developers in Bolton


Selling products online doesn’t have to be expensive , the benefits of having a shop online 24/7 and being to accept electronic payments is a key business tool for anyone who sells services or goods.

What do I need to operate a online shop ?

  • Professional Web Hosting
  • SSL Certificate (Optional)
  • Payment Gateway ( PayPal, SagePay )
  • E-Commerce Software
  • Shop Template or Custom Design
  • Product Photos
  • Product Information
  • Shipping Costs
  • Terms and Conditions
  • PCI DSS Audit (Optional)

Setting up your first online shop can seem like a complicated and expensive process but from our experience it really is the complete opposite. If you think you would benefit from selling your products online please do give us a call.

How do my customers find my products ?

Once your shop is online and your products are uploaded and your prices and delivery costs are set how does traffic flow to your site and how do you maintain that volume of visitors. A few methods we would advise

Setting up a Google Product Adwords Campaign which allows you to advertise your products directly within Google shopping. All you need is a Google Merchant account and a active adWords campaign.

Another option to improve the visibility of your products would be to advertise a small selection of your products on eBay and within your adverts link to your external online shop in which you can benefit from selling without paying eBay sellers fees.

There is also Facebook Product advertising which will allow you to directly target your ideal customers.

Can I accept Debit and Credit Card ?

Yes, if your selling products with small price tags and in low volumes we would recommend Stripe who offer a pay as you go service which doesn’t come with minimum contract or monthly fees. The cost of this service is a 1.4% charge on the total plus a 20p processing fee, so if your selling a product for a £100.00 it will cost you £1.60 in fees. (August 2017)

For companies processing thousands of transactions per month you would probably want to consider opening a SagePay merchant account and paying a fixed fee per month which for a Flex package at £19.90 for 350 transactions this equates to just only 5p per transaction.

If you already have a eCommerce website and would like to integrate Stripe, WorldPay or SagePay services please give us a call.