Google Analytics Services in Bolton

Google Analytics

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know who was visiting your website, which pages they are looking at and even which town they are from also the keywords they have used to find your products and services, well the truth is you can, all of this data is available to you if you have Google Analytics configured on your website.

How much does it cost ?

Unless your website is getting more than 10 millions hits a month and you don’t need a dedicated account manager from Google than you can register for a free google analytics account by just clicking here and to get this running on your website, it’s just a simple copy and paste which can be done by your web developer.

*Tip you need have the tracking script on every page of your website and not just your homepage. If you’re not sure contact us today and we can install it for you.

What data can I report on ?

Technically you can report on all web traffic and even create custom events which let’s say you could see how many times someone has downloaded your restaurant menu or how many visitors have come from social media posts and even what times of the day your traffic is the highest.

You can even identify the gender and age demographics of your traffic also the device they are using so if your website doesn’t work well in mobile and a large proportion of your traffic is done on a mobile device it could be a good idea to have a responsive website developed so you’re not losing your essential business leads.

What data is not available ?

A common asked question is can I find out ‘ who ‘ has visited my website such as a business name and contact the answer is no, but if you was willing to pay for this data you could use a 3rd party B2B lead generating platform such as Lead Forensics which for larger commercial companies could be a useful tool.

What can we do for your business ?

As standard we connect all of our developments with Google Analytics, upon request we can provide this data to you and explain what it means also how to improve your website traffic based on the results.