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Google Shopping

What is Google Shopping and how can it improve your online sales

If you have ever searched for a product in Google you will have probably noticed that the product results appear within the search engine result pages (SERP’s) along with the price, product description also ratings and much more.

What requirements do I need for my products to appear in these results ?

Can I automatically connect my website to Google Shopping ?

If your website is running on a popular CMS platform such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento etc then you could just use a plugin to populate the required data automatically also in the correct format, this will create the output file which is then connected to your Google Merchant account. The benefits of this process is that any product changes on your shop will automatically update which keeps your product data in Google Shopping updated.

If your website is custom built and is connected to a SQL database it is possible to query which products you would like to appear using a SQL statement and then export those results using PHP to generate those XML or CSV data files.

I only wish to advertise a couple of products is this easier ?

Yes, within the product feed set-up you can link a Google Spreadsheet this method is relatively easy to set-up and update. Any changes on your shop you would need to manually update the spreadsheet otherwise your product data will be different, e.g incorrect price or if you have inventory management enabled products could be out of stock on your shop but available in search.

Do I need barcodes for my products ?

Yes, Google requires a GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) for products being sold in Europe / UK you would need to use EAN (European Article Number).

You can purchase barcodes for your products for as little as £1.00 in which you can use both physically and virtually.

Looking for support or full management of your products ?

If you need assistance with your Google Shopping feeds we can offer temporary or full time assistance, this includes setting up your Google Product Ads, Product Feeds, Tax Codes and Shipping requirements. Just give us a call on 01204 235928.