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Web Design

Before the rise of major search engines and mobile phones, web design was all about content and the requirements for accessibility and functionality didn’t exist which made web design a totally different concept of what it is today. Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines such as interface design, user experience and search engine optimisation amongst other requirements.

With almost half of internet traffic now accessed via a mobile device it is essential that your website is responsive and the content is optimised to ensure your customers can access your products and services.

Here at the BWD Group all of our developments use responsive frameworks to ensure your website is fully accessible and that your content is displayed correctly on any device.

Web Design Prices

With multiple factors affecting the cost of a web design it is difficult to put a price on any project without knowing the volume of content, site functionality and the timescale required to deliver the build so advertising costs is something we do not do but an estimate can be provided upon request.

Bespoke Web Design

All of our web designs are custom built from scratch unless specified this ensures that your website has the correct industry standards implemented and the coding markup is valid. If you are looking for a web designer ensure that you are not buying a pre-built theme and paying the price of a custom development as you could be wasting thousands of pounds.

If you do want to use a theme and have a small budget we can replicate the layout for you to ensure it is stable and doesn’t use unnecessary scripts etc.

So please contact us today about your web design requirements.