Bolton Web Design

Bolton Web Design

Here at the BWD Group we have implemented a multiple step development process to ensure that we can deliver a honest, professional and reliable web design service. We have a proven track record in delivering high quality digital solutions.

Since we first started many years ago we have built a strong relationship with a variety of professionals and experts who specialise in graphic design, search engine optimisation and application development which allows us to offer you the best of what the industry can offer.

As a freelance web design agency we are not restricted by working hours which makes us very flexible and adjustable to your requirements. We can provide consultancy, training and on-site collaboration if you wish to hire us on a temporary basis.

Responsive Mobile Websites

With almost half of the internet traffic now mobile it is essential that your website is responsive as you could be losing potential customers or sales. As standard we implement a responsive framework into all of our developments and test using real mobile and tablet devices to ensure your website is 100% compatible.

Having a responsive website can also improve your search engine rank and increase page loading speeds.

Development Costs

How long is a piece of string ? exactly if you don’t know neither do we which is why we don’t offer fixed pricing on any of our design or development services, but we can provide estimates based on your requirements and timescales.

Please give us a call on 01204 235928 if you would like to discuss your next project with us.