Bolton Web Development

Web Development

If your website is subjected to frequent change then your website must be dynamic, in summary a dynamic website allows you to edit and update content easily without additional software or knowledge. The advantages of having a dynamic website is you control the content also if you update your own website you avoid paying for additional development costs.

In most circumstances a pre-built application can be used called a CMS ( Content Management System ) this open source free application makes a static / fixed website into a dynamic website. So when you need to add a new news article or change a spelling you can simply login and do this yourself.

Bespoke Website Development

Sometimes websites require that additional functionality, if no 3rd party application is available for you then this option will be suggested. Custom applications are specifically written to the exact requirements of the client and are usually more expensive to launch.

Our development model uses a Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) setup which are the basics to running a custom application. MySQL is the database of our choice when required to store website data.

We advise new to businesses to look at their options before going ahead with a custom development , sometimes it is easier to use an online existing service and to pay a monthly fee than to replicate the system for yourself and pay thousands.