Web Design

Web Design

To ensure we deliver the highest level of standards, we have implemented a rigorous build process which covers all of the necessary stages required for designing your next website. With a growing number of satisfied clients in a wide selection of sectors we are there for you.

Mobile friendly websites

With mobile usage now exceeding desktop it is essential that your website is responsive on all devices, our front-end frameworks are custom built using the latest CSS standards which in return deliver stability, reliability and speed.

Bespoke web design

Website ‘templates’ or ‘themes’ are often bundled with unnecessary scripts and resources which will slow down your website, they are also vulnerable to security risks and often difficult to modify this is why we custom build all of our designs so they are reliable and safe.

Brand Solutions

Company branding is one of the most vital areas of your business that is often neglected, we can provide your business with a strong online presence and make you stand out from the competition.

Did you know ?

Over 52% of all website traffic is mobile.

Is your website mobile friendly ?

Our Process

For every project we implement we apply our own design process from start to finish.

1. Discovery / Research

After the initial meeting we will begin the discovery phase, this starts with a needs assement to understand your requirements, then follows a site specification and sitemap review.

2. Content / Wireframe

Once we have received your requirements we will begin the wireframe process, this is a skeletal outline of your website this allows us to position and plan which elements are visible on each page.

3. Build / Coding

Your website is now ready to be built, at this stage we will ensure you can access your development through a 'staging environment' so you can monitor progress and review each stage.

4. Testing / Validation

This stage consists of various testing including user accessibility, mobile usability, browser compatibility, form configuration, tracking scripts and any additional custom scripts.

5. Final Review / SEO

Your website is now ready for review and SEO configuration this includes XML sitemap generation, google analytics tracking, search engine verification and keyword analysis.

6. Project Launch

Great news your website is now ready for launching and your marketing strategy can now begin, if you require help with your PPC campaigns get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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